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Let’s Play!


Living Light

Luminous Terrain™ is so intuitive that the guests and lights will appear to “SEE and PLAY” with each other.

Let’s Play

Guests are immersed in the experience as active participants who use their own actions and movements to determine the outcomes all while playing individually or together as a group. Through a combination of free play and organized game play, we empower each guest to become a part of the show. In its essence, Luminous Terrain™ is about ACTIVATION, DISCOVERY, EMPOWERMENT, HUMAN INTERACTION and PLAY!

The Guest Experience

The Luminous Terrain Guest Experience has intuitive play and gamification. It is family-friendly, can be played alone, or with up to 60 people in groups or teams. It is instruction-free—nothing to read, no scenery needed—with intuitive play that crosses cultural barriers and generations. Uniquely repeatable as the guests interact differently each time they play the various games. Walk, run, stroll and roll: Luminous Terrain is fully ADA-compliant.

Proven Technology

Luminous Terrain™ is turnkey and easily updated.

Based on the creative vision of Artist Dan Corson, our team designed and installed Rays at River’s Edge Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 2013. Through the years since, Rays has run through the seasons—on snow, mud, and grass—providing the citizens a continuous source of fun and PLAY.

Inspired by Rays, we have developed Luminous Terrain™, a reimagined, new, more dynamic interactive lighting experience that is fully supported by the Luminous Terrain™ team.

How It Works

The Luminous Terrain System (LTS) masterfully blends lights, speakers and interactive wizardry on an attractive freestanding truss structure.

Using computer vision and machine learning, our interactive software can distinguish each individual guest and react to their movements within the playing field.

The result is an immersive playfield where colors and patterns, given extra personality by a dynamic soundscape, are eager and charismatic playmates to the human guests.

Safe & Healthy

Outdoor and touchless, Luminous Terrain™ provides opportunities for social interaction at a physical distance making it safe during Covid-19.

The Magic

Each Luminous Terrain System (LTS) has a dozen plus interactive games that are revealed by the number of guests present and their movements. Each new game is discovered through the guests’ intuitive play with the lights and with each other. Whether 1 guest or 60, our magic is so potent that it can tell one player from another and track the movements of each guest individually. Our magical technology can see a guest running and chase them with a spotlight, if they jump into the center of the spotlight, we will know that too and the light will react to the guests jumping. The minute the guests enter the playing field, the Game is On!

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