About Us

Luminous Terrain™ is a large, interactive, outdoor, nighttime lighting experience, where intelligent moving lights interact with your guests, immersing them in color and patterns to create fun family entertainment.

Great products are made by great teams

Visual Terrain creates the immersive lighting.
Beaudry Interactive conjures up the software magic.
Bandit Lites combines the lighting and the magic to build the LTS.

Together, they make this outdoor lighting experience amazing!

The Basic Kit includes

12 x 12 truss structure with integrated pixelcontrolled lighting
Up to 14 intelligent moving lights with infinite color possibilities, animation effects, zoom effects and 13+ patterns per fixtures
12+ interactive games

Proprietary programming, interactive software and hardware and speakers
Secure mobile control center
24-Hour Technical Support
Luminous Terrain™ is:
Turnkey to fit your specific site
Generates hours of fun for your guests

Customization Available

Add your brand/theme to the LTS and mobile control center

Luminous Terrain is Available for: